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Jason Reed

I had the time of my life on this trail thanks to these guys! They let you pick out a bike, they drive you up to the top and you get several hours of amazing biking all the way down. To finish you just ride your bike right back to the store. Very well layed out plan that is simple and fun to follow. I try to get back every year.

Seth Roberts

40 min shuttle to the top and then tons of fun on the way down. +/-30 bridges to cross on the way down over the creek. Beautiful part of VA

george oliver

This was a really great experience that I got to share with my family! The staff was very kind and funny. They tended to all of us well and got us comfy bikes to ride on the trail.

Seth Crisp

Very professional staff that were so accommodating. Made us feel right at home and we’re too notch for n every way. Also, gave us a super nice recommendation to the Damascus Diner for lunch. Highly recommend!

Hannah Hurst

Outstanding experience! It was our first time riding the Creeper Trail and at the last minute the staff accommodated our extra two shuttle ticket requests. One of the members of the staff even ran outside to help us locate their shop! Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and went out of their way to help. We look forward to going back again!

Jon Anderson

Absolutely a great, beautiful and easy ride with the family. Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle provided excellent service as always. Our third time riding the trail with them.

Kellie Bergman

Wonderful ride! They will take great care of you and they truly care about the people on the trail! They give you a repair kit, incase you break down. We did not have any trouble, but we ran into a couple with a flat, so we helped them and gave them our spare tube (thinking we will still have to pay for it, since we gave it away). But they said that’s great, we’re glad you helped someone and didn’t charge us anything!

Danielle Scott

This was our second time using Creeper Trail Bike Rentals. The customer service was wonderful both times. It was our first time taking our children and they were very accommodating. We will definitely return for a third trip!

Donna Bryant

We had a wonderful ride on the VA Creeper Trail. The staff at the creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle were very nice, efficient and informative. We will definitely be back!

Stu Chumney

Look no further. Super friendly. Great communication. All along the way. Great selection of bikes. My highest recommendation.

Natalie Flagg

Some of the best service in the area! We had to switch reservations last minute and they were amazing. Treated us like their own family and took care of us! We now have our annual bike rental shop for every time we come to the Virginia Creeper Trail!

Stacie Burleson

Creeper Trail Bike Rental is an awesome place to rent bikes or bring your own bike and shuttle. We brought our bikes, they inspected them to make sure we were safe and actually had to repair my kids bikes. We could not ask for better service. My daughter was tiring out about 10 miles on the trail and we called Creeper Trail, Nate came right up to pick us up! We would like to give a biggggg Thank you to Nate and Bob! We could not have received better service than Creeper Trail Bike Rental- family owned and oriented!!! We will definitely be back! Luke & Stacie

Tyrrell Smith

Just used this Bike Rental & Shuttle shop last Saturday with 10 of my friends. The bikes were great with no problems, the shuttle was on time and clean and all of the personnel were professional and friendly. I have used them twice now and would highly recommend them to others. Good job! Lawrence one of the shuttle drivers has lived in Whitetop his whole live and had some great stories to tell. You just have to ask him. He doesn’t talk much. We had a great time. Thanks!

Kelsey Adams

Oh my goodness! This is the only place to rent bicycles! Absolutely, fantastic customer service and just all around good people at this shop! They took such great care of our family. My husbands bike fell off the bike hauler on the trip to Damascus, and Dakota at the shop allowed us to leave it with them to look over as we rode. Our group rented three bikes for them, and the shop has great bikes to choose from for any level of rider. If you are looking for a place with great customer service and close to trail access this is the place to go!

Randy Lindsey

Great service and really good bikes! Convenient to access the Virginia Creeper Trail. We came with a large group and the had all the bikes we needed. They even provided a repair kit (if needed) and a free bottle of Aquafina.

We really enjoyed the 17mile Creeper Trail! I highly recommend!

Kyle Carpenter

Great place, they had a dog trailer for us to rent. Comfortable bikes and nice friendly people.

Beth Brown

We used our own bikes and had Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle shuttle us to the top of the trail. Really nice and helpful people. Highly recommend them.

Kayelyn Jarrett

Great customer service from begging to end! Trail was beautiful, bikes were great, and the owners treated you as a friend! Definitely recommend booking with Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle.

Stu Chumney

Look no further. Super friendly. Great communication. All along the way. Great selection of bikes. My highest recommendation.

Sue Barnwell

Tim and co workers were so friendly and helpful! They went above and beyond in customer service. We can not wait to go back in the fall!

Brenden Lyman

The people are friendly and make you feel as if that was your home also. They are very helpful and will get you on the trail with ease.

Barbara Taylor

The bikes are in good shape. The shuttle ran on time. Everyone was very courteous. Would recommend. Plus the trail is amazing!

John Cockerham

These guys were awesome — got all 5 of us ready to go with our bikes in just a few minutes and then got us all in the shuttle & up the mountain in no time. I would definitely recommend this trail and going through them. It was really fun and these guys definitely made the experience as simple as possible.

Naomi Midgett

We had a beautiful day! Packed a picnic, took our time and saw some beautiful scenery. We rented bikes at White top mountain. The folks there we so helpful and got our party of 8 ready for the trail! Love love love this ride!

Kimberly Glock

Very nice bikes! My Delsol comfort mountain bike was the best! The staff are very very kind and helpful and will go out of their way to assist you! The shuttle system was super easy and organized! Will be back!!

Grant Homan

Had a wonderful time with my Daughter yesterday on the Trail. Creeper Bike and Rental did a great job with the shuttle and the rental bikes worked fine. Could not be happier and we will be back.

Tom Bristow

Creeper helped us choose the right bikes for everyone in our group of ten. All bikes were in good condition and well suited for the trail. Creeper’s service was excellent and the staff was friendly. We had a great ride!

Heather Davis

The guys who helped us out were super friendly and accommodating. It was an easy process and a great ride! I hope to come back again.

jamie lockhart

Our second time using Creeper trail bike rental! Wonderful experience! Staff is super nice and helpful!

Matt Reed

The staff are friendly and very helpful! We brought our own bikes and took advantage of the shuttle service. They have reasonable prices. We will definitely use them again.

Mark Brown

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Creeper trail is an awesome ride. Had a very good experience. Take care when selecting your ride.

Rachel Laverty Wright

Very polite, professional, & helpful. The whole staff was very friendly & informative. The bikes were nice & they provided helmets & a bottle of water with tour rental, which I thought was a nice touch. Would definitely do business with them again!

Jerry Lovingood

What a great experience. It far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to most of the scenic spots in America,including Grand Canyon,Sedona,Yellowstone,Mt. Rushmore. They don’t have anything on the beauty of the Creeper Trail. The folks at the Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle we’re courteous and experienced and made the shuttle trip to Whitetop fun. I will be doing this again and bring friends even though it’s almost 3 hours from South Carolina.

Rob Stout

Decent selection of bikes, the employees are quite helpful, and the location is right on the Virginia Creeper trail. Damascus is pretty much dead center of the trail, actually.

The bikes themselves are well used, but pretty much everything worked on them. One had a wonky kickstand, and a couple had some minor issues, but all in all they were fine. (We had a group of about 10 people)

It’s worth the sub-$30 cost to rent a bike and get a ride to the top trail head at White Top, it takes about 40 minutes. I think if you bring your own bike, the ferry fee is $5-6.

They also provide a basic toolkit, and if you are in a group it’s around one toolkit per 5 bikes. That may not seem like a big deal, but I ended up with a flat tire (with a fast leak) about 2/3rds of the way down. So, yeah, that tube, toolset, and pump came in super handy.

Donny Baldridge

Great bikes and courteous help. They set us up for a great ride. Thanks, we’ll use them every time.

Jay Moore

The personnel in the store were tremendously helpful, polite, and friendly. The gentleman that drove our shuttle van is about as down to earth, back-home, easy to talk to as anyone I’ve ever met. The prices for accessories were quite fair.

Christine Carlini

Kayla and Sandy at the Whitetop location are amazing!!! They went above and beyond to help us have a GREAT trail ride. Would highly recommend and can’t wait to come back. We will not consider using another company. Perfect day!

B J Cooksey

Great day for a shuttle to White Top and coasting down the VA creeper trail. Fall foliage was spectacular….Great driver very friendly enjoyed learning about the mountain community and hearing his life story on the ride up

Aengus Channon

What a great time!! The staff is easy going, knowledgeable and eager to help. The trail is breat taking? Yet peaceful and never overly challenging. It was a perfectly lovely afternoon.

Hayli Livingston

Would definitely recommend! We took our puppy and rented one of the dog buggies. We made it 3 miles (in 2.5 hours) because the puppy hated it and kept getting out while riding. We called from the first landline we came to and they sent a shuttle to get us. It took a while due to them having to help search for lost kids, which wasn’t their fault at all. They were very apologetic and gave us free tshirts and allowed us to rent for free the following day (without the pup this time). Very friendly, nice and accommodating. We will be using them every time we rent bikes in the area.

susan wahl

This is a return trip but first time we used these folks. Locally owned, they gave us their complete attention. We had ten, 7 adults, a 5, 4, and 2 year old using tagalongs and buggies. The staff put together and tested everything. Later in day they even sent a forestry ranger to make sure we all were doing okay. We will definitely use them again! 5 🌟 plus!

Jay Risner

Good prices nice people. Saved $30 over another location. Tandem bikes, child tandem and chiled trailer available. Larger trailer also available for handicapped. Great 17 mile ride mostly gentle downhill.

Christy Emick

These guys were fantastic from start to finish!!! They made my first trip better than I expected.

Sandijo Larsen

Love the Virginia Creeper and bike rentals. We have done it 3 times headed back for a fourth time. The grandkids love it and the half way mark is great for home baked goodies, rootbeer float. Kids loved chicken tenders. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Phelps

Great experience. Well organized and super friendly. I would use them again and also recommend to anyone.

Kathy Tatum

Good equipment, great service. Would highly recommend. Very pet friendly. Needed a little extra help getting our dogs settled in the “dog buggy” and they went above and beyond to help us out. Would only recommend bringing your dog if they are fairly well behaved and calm. Anxious dogs would not do well. Also will need some kind of leash to secure them inside. Buggy flaps are velcro closure only and a pushy dog can open them easily and jump out. Be aware if you park at the Whitetop office there is a 2 mile bike ride to get to the trail head and some of that has short uphill sections.

Claire St. Cyr

We had a great time! Perfect for kids. Very helpful and friendly staff. Can’t wait to come back!

Chelsha Reed

Our family has our own bikes so we made a weekend trip to ride around our campground, ride around town, & ride the creeper trail on Sunday (this was in August). On Friday (the 1st night of our trip) my daughter’s bike broke. She’s mentally disabled & requires a simple bike with the kind of brakes that you peddle backwards to engage bc handle brakes are too complicated for her. She wanted a bike for the whole weekend, not just one day but no one in town would rent us a bike over night. This Place did & they were WONDERFUL about it, they even helped me out on the price since that was an unexpected event. Without their generosity our family’s weekend wouldn’t have been nearly as great as it was. If the owners read this stuff, THANK YOU!!!
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