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Alexia Hines

Showed up early for the bike shuttle. Brought our own bikes and asked if they could tighten a loose piece on our handlebars- Jessie ended up spending over an hour taking our bike apart to fix it! Everyone was so kind and easy going – it was such a wholesome experience even before we hopped on the shuttle/trail.
Talking with Abby and the crew felt like bantering with old friends while we watched Jessie work his magic on our bike.

Charles was our driver on the way up, he shared funny stories and answered questions. The drive up is about 35 minutes and very curvy. Usually I get nauseated from curvy roads but Charles took each turn with care and we ended the ride smiling and ready for adventure.

Thank you all at Creeper Trail Bike Rental for making our trip magical!

Areia Rosenbalm

First time ever going in here absolutely loved it. My son four he rode in a cargo and had a blast. The views the views was amazing. It’s a great thing to do with friends and family Highly recommend.

Barbara Parkinson

The experience of renting bikes and riding the trail was fantastic. The staff is very friendly and I really liked our driver. He was so friendly and full of interesting information. My bike was lacking a full array of gears, so I spent most of my time coasting, and it was very difficult to get in and out of the gears I did have. Overall, we had a wonderful time, but I might bring my own bike next time.


Great experience! Our family of five did the trail for the first time with the help of the CT Bike Rental shop. When I called for the reservation, the man was able to help me with what part of the trail would be best. Once we arrived, they picked out the best bike options for all of us. The shuttle driver was prompt, kind and carefully handled the curvy mountain road to the drop off spot. We can’t wait to return!

Monica Lee

This was our first time on the trail. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a great time.

Angela Wyatt

Very friendly and helpful employees. The entire experience was amazing. The cafes along the trail were wonderful resting points with various goodies and refreshments. There were numerous scenic spots along the trail to enjoy as well. The online booking was simple and expedited check in upon out arrival.

Scott Carroll

We had a great experience with Creeper Trail Bike Rental. The shuttle van was clean and the ride was safe. Driver was friendly and helpful. The staff at the shop is super helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend these guys.

Lisa Adams

Fantastic Company! I stumbled upon a review of the trail that said you absolutely need to have reservations for the shuttle service and that proved to be true. I was so glad I made reservations because people kept showing up without reservations and were being turned away. We went on the trail at the height of fall foliage. We had brought our own bikes and they took such care to load them, even taking off my phone holder so as not to break it when they put it on the hooks. The drive up the hill could have been a nightmare with all its turns and twists but Charlie, our driver, took such care to make sure that nobody got motion sickness. He was a wealth of information about the area and was just a very conscientious driver. The ride itself was amazing. No cell phone service on the trail so expect to be out of touch for at least two and a half to three hours. We were told the ride could be done in two and a half hours but the scenery was so beautiful that it actually took us around 5 hours. I highly recommend the trail and this shuttle service. I didn’t think to take any pictures of the shuttle service but I’m attaching pictures of the trail.

Petie Pavusek

Not only did Creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle Service get us in last second due to unforeseen circumstances, they were super welcoming and wanted to make sure everything was right before we took off. Along with this we were needing a tag along cart for our dog and they had it ready to go once we got there! The gentleman who got us set up and checked in was super friendly as well! I highly recommend this place one for the staff, and two for the price. All is super fair and put together very well before you take off!

Chris B

A great little store to pick up a bicycle and spend some time on the trails. We rented a couple of bikes for an morning ride, the Creeper Trail is something to behold all year round. They have workers posting along the trail to help with any issues with the bicycles, many people have built shops near the trail if you find yourself hungry or looking for a souvenir!

Kim Bridges

Wow! What an experience! These guys were awesome to work with! Today was our first time riding the Virginia Creeper Trail. We arrived and they quickly went to helping find the bike that fit us best. They adjusted our seats to ensure the bike was the height we needed. The shuttle driver was pleasant and provided information about the area. Once we arrived at the trail he unloaded our bikes and we were off. If you are planning a trip to Damascus to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail I highly recommend the Creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle service. They have a variety of good bikes to choose from including Trex and Specialized.

Becca Irvin

We had a great shuttle up to the top of the VA creeper trail. The staff were all very nice and helpful. It was the only place we could find that had a separate cart to hook up to the back of the bike we rented. Our dog was comfortable riding in it and we had such a fun time.

Bird SharkRawr

Every other bike shuttle company can take notes from these guys! The ONLY bike shuttle company I have seen move over on the mountain road for others is Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend you guys to everyone. THANK YOU. Common courtesy on the road is so rare now, it was so refreshing to see one of your drivers aware of their surroundings and not hold up others yesterday. I wish there were identifying numbers on the vans, I would have identified the driver for proper credit due! So nice!

Joseph Leonguerrero

We were very pleased with the service Creeper Trail Bike Rental provided for our 17 mile ride down Whitetop Station to Damascus on the VCT. We rented a tandem bike and had a blast. The learning curve was steep. Neither of us has ever road a tandem and my with doesn’t ride bikes. We will definitely return and do this again!

Ron Higdon

Great experience from start to finish. The staff was friendly and helpful. We rented our bikes and did the shuttle ride from Damascus to White Top. The staff made sure the bikes fit us well. The shuttle ride was pretty uneventful considering the very curvy road. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride and will definitely use Creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle again and would recommend them to others as well.

Brandi Strange

Rented 17 bikes for a group. One kids’ bike broke in the first mile of the trail. He struggled through until we found someone with an Allen wrench to fix it. (5 miles later) (Wrecked twice because of it & covered in bruises….. Piece broke off above the front wheel, lodging into the wheel which threw him over the handlebars, then the handle bars came undone so were constantly moving while trying to go…) When we returned they were apologetic but didn’t offer any discount.
Were extremely unorganized. Every time my husband picked his bike, they took it & gave it to someone else.

The shuttle van driver was extremely nice & held a decent conversation with us. However, our group was mixed with other groups.

M Riggs

Great experience with Creeper Trail Bike Rental! They took time to ensure we had a good fit on our bikes. The bikes were well maintained and the shuttle driver was friendly and informative.

Debra Rebchook

It started pouring rain as we boarded the shuttle. So we decided not to do the ride. The gentleman at the desk gave us a rain check and didn’t call us wimps which was kind. We came back a few days later on a Wednesday and everyone was so helpful. We ended up with great bikes. Mine was almost brand new. The trail was super empty so mid-week is a good option. We had a blast!


Creeper Trail Bike Rental Team is the best place on the Mountain for your bike rental needs. Great bikes and services from the staff here. Would recommend anyone in Damascus wanting to ride the bike to stop into this shop for all of your needs. Would highly recommend- Thanks- St. Joseph

John Maynard

Convenient and friendly service. We have used these folks for years 4 supplying bicycles and shuttle service with our scout troop. They are always there and willing to help with safe and friendly service. Thank you to the ownership and staff for all of your help.

Mark Chaney

Had a great time on the virginia creeper trailer. This fun time started with the creeper trail bike rental. The prices are good. Rented bikes and also used some of our own. Their shuttle carries both rented and personal bikes. The staff was friendly and helpful. The shuttle ride was comfortable and the driver was quite the tour guide for the trip up. They had good covid prevention rules in place. Gets a 👍.


We had a great experience! We were very thankful for them accommodating us on short notice on a busy day. Tour left on time, bikes were comfortable and well maintained, staff was friendly and helpful.

Patricia Graham

Great people. Awesome shuttle driver. Beautiful trail with waterfalls, shade and overall wonderful day!! Will definitely do again!!

Melissa Garvin

Great place to rent your bike and shuttle for the Virginia Creeper Trail. I was worried because I hadn’t ridden a bike in many years, but the staff at Creeper Trail Bikes were extremely helpful and friendly. They helped me and my family pick out bikes, helmets and they inspected the bikes before loading them onto the shuttle. The shuttle driver was very personable and gave us some history of the Virginia Creeper Trail and of the area. The trail was beautiful, and we had no issues, but the staff at Creeper Trail Bikes made sure we had maps and numbers to reach them if we did. We had a great experience and will definitely do it again!

Symira Milton

This was our 3rd time using this business. The staff is extremely helpful. They provide a map with lots of information. There’s a bathroom for use. They also provide a bottle of water for each rider. The bikes are in good condition. The shuttle takes you to the top of White Top Mt. I highly recommend this business

Scott Mastranunzio

I had a group of 30 Boy Scouts that rented bikes for our Virginia Creeper Trail ride. Not only did the staff accommodate any request they had they were super helpful with any questions. We had a 9am reservation and was asked to show up at 8:30. All 30 riders weee fitted and assigned a bike and helmet within 15 minutes and loaded in the vans for the ride up the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain one of the riders had a chain issue and the staff replaced the bike within 10 minutes. A 200% professional business and staff and I would recommend them to everyone. I know our troop will rent from them on our return.

Eric Eckl

I stopped in to chat with several competing companies before selecting this one. These were the only guys that would run a shuttle from Abingdon (so I could ride the full trail, not just the top half). They also gave my bike a quick tuneup for a very reasonable price. Shuttle service was prompt and everyone was very friendly. The Creeper Trail is great and if I ever ride it again, I’ll use this company again.

Kimberly Jackson Adams

Our favorite rental shop, these guys are always so friendly! Never any issues with equipment or reservations. Can’t wait to go back!

Elizabeth Victor

We had an amazing time on the creeper trail. I highly recommend to make this a day trip if you are in the area. Creeper Trail staff is fantastic and made it a great day.

Montana Stewart

Awesome bikes. Very well customer service. Very well maintained. Best experience ever! Other bike shops should learn from these guys. My family will be back very year. Highly recommended

Tina Webb

We book thorugh this company every year and they always make it a great experience. They are very accommodating, friendly and helpful. Great people!!!! Don’t try any other Company!

Yasmine Fuller

I’ve been using this rental place as my go-to Virginia Creeper Trail shuttle and bike rental for years, and they have yet to disappoint! The bikes are always in great shape (I’ve had tires and chains fall off when using other rentals) and the shuttle up the mountain was smooth. Highly recommended using them for your Virginia Creeper Trail adventures!

Jim Stoecker

Amazing. 17. 1/4 miles on this trip with creeper trail bike,next time doing the other part to get 34 miles in,I can’t wait.

Jennifer Bowes

I was nervous not knowing what to expect…bathrooms,stops, terrain etc. The gentleman at the desk greeted our group and started showing us the map and all the things to know. They worked in a timely manner and just so friendly. Jokesters too.What a fun adventure!!! Hottest day and parts of trail felt cool. We are coming back for a early fall ride. Thx y’all 😊

Diane Walsh

Big shout out to Tim and his team of professionals. Everyone at Creeper Trail Bike Rental was friendly, helpful, and very knowledgable about what I needed to make sure that my experience on the VA Creeper Trail was amazing. They made sure to fit me with the perfect bike and helmet. What a fantastic experience. I will be back to rent again soon!!

Sandra Martin

The Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle is a small bike rental shop in the heart of Demascus with a hometown feel. It was very easy to use, the customer service is down to earth and worry free. I also had a pleasant conversation with the driver on the way up the mountain. I’ve used this place 4 times for the creeper trail and will definitely use them again. Also, if you’re riding the creeper trail for the first time, I recommend getting the comfort bike over the mountain bike and bringing along a fanny pack for extra items you might carry. You will most likely spend 3+ hours on the trail, but the scenery and ride is absolutely worth it!

Vickie Gray

Great experience! The staff was helpful, friendly, and charming. The bikes were in very good condition. The terrain is breathtaking. We took our time and had a memorable adventure with our 14-year-old grandson.

PS. My husband and I have not ridden a bicycle in 30 years and we did fine.😁

David Kravetz (Sumoflam)

We rented bikes for a ride down the Virginia Creeper Trail. They take you to the top with the bikes. You can bring your own bikes and they will haul you up to the top. Good deals, nice shop.

Sara Joy

The staff was great, friendly and helpful. There were so many bike options and they helped us pick out what worked best for each of us. The shuttle van ride was easy and smooth. The shop was right there at the end of the trail when we finished. The experience overall was wonderful and easy. Highly recommend Creeper Trail Bike Rental. We will definitely use them when we go again.

Crystal Kitts

We had a great experience! I get car sick, so I sat in the front of the shuttle. Our driver was so sweet and answered all our questions about the area. The drive was very smooth and I had no issue feeling sick. We will definitely be back and use this shuttle service again!

John Guerrasio

Do yourself a favor and do this. We went midweek and practically had the trail to ourselves. We can’t wait to do it again. The staff was very friendly and helpful. But be sure to pack a poncho or other rain gear. We got hit with a downpour but quickly dried off in the airstream.

Dan Hayes

They took great care of us. The equipment was great. They treated us like paying customers, some people want to be treated like family, I want to be treated like my time is valuable – Creeper Trail Bike Rental treated me like a favorite customer even though it was my first time!

Joshua James

The staff was great, very helpful and friendly. The only issue is we had ebikes and they load the bikes by hanging them by the handle bars. Our Lectric ebikes have releasable handle bars that apparently were not tight enough and one of our bike’s handle bars detached leaving the handle bars up on the rack with the bike on the floor of the trailer. Luckily nothing broke but just a warning to others, make sure everything is super tight. The guys were awesome though and showed concern. I’d go back with tightened handle bars next time.

Scott Sublett

Owner and staff are very friendly. We have rented bikes and shuttle service from them three years in a row and will continue to come back. We bring a group of 11-28 scouts and adults and we have never had any issues. Highly recommend this outfitter. This year they had four large groups going out at the same time and they handled sizing of bikes and helmets and load up like a well trained team. Cannot wait to go again next year!

Willow Adele

I have used you all multiple times. Great at finding and providing the perfect size bike as well as were kind enough to wait when I got back late. Thanks, ya’ll are awesome!

J.D. Mitchell

Good bikes and Great service. BONUS is that not only do they give military/veteran discounts but they employ Veterans! If you are looking for a bike rental/shuttle service for the Creeper, stop looking and start booking with these fine fellows.

Number Twenty

We had an excellent time! We called ahead and had a reservation. And when we arrived they helped us choose bikes, gave us a map, told us all about the trail, and gave us a bottle of water.

The ride up was great and very smooth. The driver was very careful on the Winding road and so it was a nice leisurely ride up to white top station.

The bikes we were given were high quality bikes with extremely comfortable seats. Everything functioned perfectly with the bikes and we were even given a repair kit to take with us just in case.

When we returned we were able to turn everything in promptly and they were very kind.

Overall, I would highly recommend this company. They are professional throughout the whole process and you can tell they put a lot of pride in their work and customer service.

Stacy Post

Creeper Trail Bike Rental & Shuttle was a great experience. The customer service was great. The bikes were fitted to our needs and we had no issues with them along the way. The trail was beautiful and the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Highly recommend the company and the trail!
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